A critical note about the E.I.P (European Institute of Peace)

updated: 7th of August 2021 13:40 (UTC+2)
An open ongoing discussion between the E.I.P. and Mikael Gosen...

I have contacted the E.I.P (European Institute of Peace)
in order to get help and advice for this Jordan Gateway project initiative.

But they decided to exclude me while simultaneously supporting the justification for violence.
At the same time they excluded me they did support on their official social media (Facebook) the Palestinian justification of vile violence used during the last Nagba) while ignoring my peace efforts. Suspicious?!

So I have started to inquire if they are partakers of the BDS movement delegitimizing Israel and boycotting this peace effort which should be for the benefit of all equal. Does the E.I.P. break the European accepted definition of anti-antisemitism (IHRA) ?!
Should that be the case I will escalate this case to the scrutiny of international law
, justice and social media.

However I have a dilemma: while the E.I.P. reputation concerning Israel bias might be in jeopardy,
I do acknowledge that elsewhere in the world they are doing many important jobs and that amongst them are found talented peoples of positive merit.
It is not my intention to do harm to the EIP, except for trying to advise and improve them. Obviously there is what to improve.

The two past months a lot has changed in the Middle-East.
New US and Israel Governments give new stimulus for the Jordan Gateway and this is the time to seize the opportunities available at this moment.
New Peace accords have been signed and will be signed.
The Haifa <-> Gulf - Trans Arabian railway Suez Canal bypass can surely unlock prosperity for the many impoverished in this region.
Building social stability is worth some serious considerations and anticipation.
This can be done for profit to all involved and does not have to cost the tax payer.
Other new opportunities have been missed (follow link) as well by the E.I.P. already partly because of the 'speed' the E.I.P. complies with time.

Here a link to the E.I.P (European Institute of Peace) but be warned that they did not answer (me) and proofed to have no communication skills contrary to their claims of having so many skilled mediators, advisors, dialogue managers, negotiators and communication officers.
I tried for over 2 months, emails, direct phone calls, https://www.eip.org/contact/, messenger, social media, (all channels available).
Did so multiple times but sense that they ignore and block me without justification.

Now after over 2 months I do try to reach out to them trough other means publicly available to our justice seeking society.
Two months is like eternity in an timeless turbulent Middle-East.
Now is the moment to influence the history of the future.

I suspect the problem starts with the management of their secretary and some prominent BDS supporters inside their organization having no hesitation to boycott my Israeli attempts with prejudge and so to disable me in reaching their fair and talented peoples I know they should have as well. Please be aware.

Sure hope that they will proof me wrong soon and that good will prevail. Still waiting for confirmation.
Below can be found my correspondence with the E.I.P. as proof of concept.
I will publicize more details about my engagement (if any) with them in the near future.
This is still ongoing...

I am Mikael Gosen.
Jordan Valley

European Institute of Peace
Rue des Deux Eglises, 25
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 280 08 12

6th of June 2021
To the E.I.P.:

Shalom and Shalaam

(on 21 April) I did offer the E.I.P. a plan for process to help strengthen relations between Jordan and Israel and to improve the lives of over 1.5 million refugees and poor peoples lacking basics like housing, work, and running water (in the dessert!) to name a few.

While I tried to reach out to the E.I.P for this project I noticed that the E.I.P. supports the Palestinian Nagba on their social media that includes a call to discriminating violence! For nearly 3 weeks (15 weeks now 7th/Aug/2021) the E.I.P. only answer to me is exclusion (no dialogue), except for a don't call us, we call you, maybe, or maybe not, response! (Phoned, emailed, used Facebook, LinkedIn and the official EIP web contact form).

There seems to be a strong anti-Israel bias, and I start to wonder if the E.I.P. breaks the European accepted definition of anti-antisemitism (IHRA) by being used as an PR instrument to those that justify violence against Israel and civilians.

Please understand my suspicion.

The Nagba is only part of the problem and not part of any solution. Please focus on peaceful solutions and about he current status all of refugees equal worldwide, including the Palestinians.

The Nagba is not about peace and should not be used to justify violence anno 2021.

Below a call for violence as preached by the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) penned on the Nakba and published a few hours later (16 May 2021) ("Glory and eternity to the generous martyrs"). ...to defend Jerusalem, the 1948 territories, and the Gaza Strip... , go forth... , ...to defend our people in revolt in our eternal capital Jerusalem and in the persistent Gaza and [West] Bank, Lod, Haifa, Yafa, and Nazareth and all of Palestine (all Israel).)

You have all seen the results on TV worldwide.

On May 16, 2021, The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank, the military wing of the Palestinian Fatah movement, issued a statement instructing its fighters to answer its call for general mobilization, known as "Al-Nafir," to defend Jerusalem, the 1948 territories, and the Gaza Strip, which it said are under intense Israeli bombardment.[1]

The statement reads: "To all the fighters of The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the cities and villages of the brave West Bank: The Martyrs Brigades of Yasser Arafat, Abu Sharkh, Abu Jandal, Al-Aybat, Zaloom, Thabit Thabit.

"You are the men of men so go forth to defend our people in revolt in our eternal capital Jerusalem and in the persistent Gaza and [West] Bank, Lod, Haifa, Yafa, and Nazareth and all of Palestine (including Israel). This is your role, and this is your time. Do not let the herds of coward settlers and the occupation soldiers enjoy security and stability until the unjust aggression on our wounded Al-Aqsa, persistent Gaza, and our people in the Al-Jarrah [quarter] stop.

"Make their roads, settlements, and occupation camps a target for you and unbearable hell [for them]. Prevent them from passing and travelling. Make them stay in their shelters until the persistent Palestinian people enjoy security and stability in all of Palestine.

"We urge our sons in the brave security forces to extend their support and be a shield as they always have been to our people and defend them against the incursion of the occupier to our cities and villages. Let their message to the tyrannizing occupier be: Your incursion is forbidden and shall never be easy.

"The Brigades are true to their word, and they keep their promises. Glory and eternity to the generous martyrs. Long live to the unity of our heroic people. Long live Palestine, Free and Arab."


Me trying to reach out to the E.I.P.

Will the E.I.P. accept to take my offer and build Peace were it is not? (to be continued...)

Notice that the official Palestinian publication (see logo's) on the official EIP Facebook site ignoring my warnings about the ongoing violence associated (wiki about the May 2021 war).
Now I seek legal assistance to reach out to them and have them return from their indirect support of a violence, back to peace making.

I did send the E.I.P. proof that the violence around the Nagba was deliberate and organized . Furthermore was the timing and content of the Palestinian Nagba propaganda posted by the E.I.P. like putting oil on the flames. It was planned and used by the PA (Palestinian Authorities) as a justification of worldwide viral violence and rage targeting Israel at a time of total war on all fronts. To my regret the E.I.P. preferred to officially embrace the violent Nagba subject instead of embracing my peace efforts and concepts in and around Israel for the benefit of the Israeli and Palestinian populations, the Jordanians, Syrian refugees and | or the Jordanian \ Israel Gateway project.

So far I have received not even a single answer from the E.I.P
since 21 May 2021 until now. (now = 7th of August 2021 at time of this writing, that is 15 weeks since 21 May 2021).

I have asked the E.I.P:
*If they can answer before the next wave of violence in Israel and surroundings.
*What can be done for the benefit of over a million Syrian refugees?
*Can the E.I.P (and de EU) be a fair and effective partner for peace building in Israel and the Middle-East?

I experienced personally that the E.I.P. is being played as a tool by those promoting grave violence and terror within entire Israel including outside the disputed territories. The call for violence was obeyed and we are still suffering and hurt from experiencing it's evil results.

The E.I.P. its official embrace of the Palestinian Nagba while boycotting peace efforts in Israel is foul play!

partial proof:

I do respect difference of opinion but do not respect: boycott, exclusion, and fueling the flames of violence and racism to name a few.

Below a small screen view showing partial content of my correspondence (monologue) with the E.I.P.
As a matter of fact: I did receive a response from the E.I.P on my questions.
An email received the 2nd of June.
In short it said: Please do not call us, we call you... (maybe) ...
That only proofs that they did notice my contact attempts and pro-actively exclude and block my contact attempts without respect and without any obvious justification nor any response on my questions. A simple "no. sorry" would have been more respectable at that time.
They did block\ignore me from June the 2nd on all channels while claiming that case is received for "selection" and processing...
Very controversial for a Peace organization with so many skilled mediators, advisors, dialogue managers, negotiators and communication officers.
Surely I really became convinced they can use my help more than that I need their help concerning their Middle-East policies and their public relations department.

Furthermore I hope that I will get proof soon to be wrong about my suspicions that the E.I.P. is breaking the European accepted definition of anti-antisemitism (IHRA) by their ongoing exclusion of me in Israel while open to dialogue to others.


On 31 May 2021, at 16:15, mikael gosen wrote:


The official publishing social media forum of the E.I.P is being abused by a 3th party political player to arouse incitement surrounding the Nakba instead of making peace.

Mikael Gosen

Why will de EIP discuss the Nakba which is opposed to holistic peace?

Nagba means something like catastrophe. Nagba is no good.

Please focus on Peace, real peace, prosperity, human dignity, responsible politics, all in a balanced way.

Sure that a single sided political discussion could do harm to peace, since halve the truth being so deceptive.

Hanan Ashrawi has a reputation to twist the facts in public interviews.

Will\Can Israel be fairly represented in the Nagba?

Talking about Nagba is the opposite to talking about peace making. What is it's purpose?

I know how to build peace in the middle east (I live there). It is done with speaking and acting peaceful.

So sorry that the EIP is contributing to give a forum to fuel the flames of the Nagba,

often with a call to violence and rage against civilians worldwide(partial proof supplied below). The EIP does not answer me nor allows for a fair dialogue.

I live in Israel and I have a realistic peace proposal.

But the EIP instead does prefer to focus on the Nakba, as bad as that can be.

Focus on the failures of peace (Nagba) alone will take us backward and not forward.

Focus on fixing human peace, dignity and prosperity (etc.) should overcome the Nagba (Catastrophe).

Please speak and make Peace and defy the Nagba.

The Palestinians in their own words less than 24 hours Nakba day 16/ May 2021 (source MEMRI).

source: https://www.memri.org/.../fatahs-al-aqsa-martyrs-brigades...

Dr Hanan Ashrawi is a smart cunning politician with a reputation to twist the truth in public.

She is definitely not the angel and messenger of peace in the middle east we wish for, even while she participated partly in the past.

So, she is invited to advertise on your peace forum to talk about the Nakba while I live with the violence it arouses.

Halve a truths are known to be very deceptive when presented out of current proportions.

Can you tell Truth from Lie?

What about a fair talk about the current legal status of Palestinian refugees in Europe, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Israel, everywhere?

What about human dignity? Solution providing? Food, water, housing, education, money and basics like health services and so on?

The Jordan Gateway project not better and more constructive than cultivating anger and scratching old wounds?

What is to be with the E.I.P? Peace or Nagba?

So sorry the E.I.P. got hijacked and sidetracked by Nakba instead.

I know you have respectful peoples in your organization.

But unfortunately your organization is crippled by a lack of communication between itself and between others.

Can we make up and improve our relation please, out of mutual respect?


Mikael Gosen

Israel 31/5/21

Reply from Info <info@eip.org> 2 July 2021 15:56
From: Info <info@eip.org>
Dear Mikael,

Thank you for your interest in the European Institute of Peace and the time you have put into your proposal. I will inform senior management and relevant staff and they will get in touch should they like to take this further.

As I’m sure you understand, the Institute works across a large number of files around the world and deals with many different actors expressing a wide diversity of views.

Thank you again for your interest and best of luck with your future projects.

Kind regards,

European Institute of Peace

E.I.P.: As I’m sure you understand, the Institute works across a large number of files around the world and deals with many different actors expressing a wide diversity of views.

Mikael: Yes, I know and
am happy for that. But until now it is the E.I.P. and not me whom is blocking my diverse view and dialogue at the moment. I am open for cooperation for sake of a blissful global society prospering without unfair distinctions. And you?

This is so unfair to be unjustly ignored on all their E.I.P. channels of communication!

Israel bias?

Very controversial for a Peace organization with so many skilled mediators, advisors, dialogue managers, negotiators and communication officers to ignore to answer.

https://www.eip.org/board/board-of-governors/ <= Is it policy?
https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/6391840 <= Or is it personal (or "agenda" issues)?
Annika Söder , correct that it hurts when people deny your presence?

Who will help me please? All I asked for was for some advise and help.
Now I wish they accept my humble advise and my help were they are inadequate.
Let us join forces creating a better globe.
It is not really about me, it is for sake of all.

May Peace prevail
السلام عليكم
שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

Mikael Gosen