the Jordan Valley Gateway

a social economic peace and prosperity project on the North Israel Jordanian border

A better Middle-East will benefit all of us.

In support to:
The peoples near the north Israeli\Jordanian border (Jordan Valley).
There are over a million refugees and impoverished\poor peoples nearby in need for better basics.
To strengthen and to benefit from the Jordanian \ Israeli peace efforts.
By means of trade, production and invention.

I am Mikael Gosen and live in the Jordan Valley.
I believe that together we can benefit from cooperation

This project is still initiating,
I wish to find new friends and partners with similar ambitions and goals.

I ask and seek for help from:
Business peoples,
and so on... (the list is long)
and last but not least:
Peoples to benefit from this cooperation!

I offer:
All my best I can including:
.., time, effort, thought, strategy, vision, devotion, honesty, ..
..,infrastructure, logistics, connections, accommodations, Hi-Tech, IT ..
and a permanent legal base in Israel (private and cooperate - Hiq),
being human

Together we can do better.

Please feel free to contact me personal for more information:
Mikael Gosen
Jordan Valley
(I read English, Dutch, German and Hebrew and reply in English or Dutch)

That is were I live (4km), wishing to make the Island of Peace more peaceful again and to have the Trans Arabian Railway experience return to Peace too. And to strengthen multicultural relations (including trade + production + tourism)
That more open and beneficial relations were possible in the past is proof it can and should be done again.
rrently the most important features of coexistence there are the drink water and natural gas supply from Israel to Jordan nearby, only a few minutes South are the Jordan Gateway and the Bet-Shean / Sheikh Hussein border crossing.
Another proof that basic
relations are healthy. But there is a lot to improve.
Can we resurrect the Trans Arabian Silk route to it's original fame and splendor?
foto: January 26, 2019 (Amanda Borschel-Dan)
Jordan Valley - Jordan + Israel
Green mountains during winter season.
This is were the Yarmouk and Jordan rivers meet (-200m below sea level).
Foreground: Jordan and the historic 1th hydro power station.
Background: Israel - Gesher (old Railway route + bridge connecting Haifa with Damascus and Medina)

About The Jordan Gateway Industrial Park (JGIP)
In parallel with my personal efforts:

I have no official relation with the Jordan Gateway Industrial Park besides living nearby. Therefor I include this area because this area includes me.

So my Jordan Valley Gateway project mission is inclusive about the benefits of using that Industrial park location as a base but my mission is independent from theirs.

Independently I believe that this location has the ability to be beneficial to the entire region in a mega scale on so many levels.
That is why I refer to it. You could prefer to work with them directly instead through my mediation. Their success is beneficial too.
link to (official Jordan Gateway Industrial Park website)

Located on the border

Jordan Gateway Free Zone Industrial Park
One of the most attractive investment destinations found on the Israel Jordan border. Located between (less than 120km) Jerusalem, Amman, Damascus and Bei
rut (see map).

Jordan Gateway

For the benefit of Peace and Prosperity

Improving the inter relationship between Israel and Jordan with the rest of the world.

Be part of the Iron Trans Arabian Suez Canal bypass

Anticipating a trans Arabian railway between Haifa and the Gulf

Kinneret Innovation Center

Israel’s leading tech-hub for agriculture, water and sustainability.


May Peace prevail
السلام عليكم
שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

Contact :
Mikael Gosen
Jordan Valley