I am Mikael Gosen
in search for friends, and partners...

I stood once eye in eye in front of the late Shimon Peres and Jiddu Krishnamurti and wish to pick up their plight.


Cooperate with respect and human dignity.
Each be unique, together we unite.

On photo: The Jordan Valley
Countries: Israel and Jordan
Waters: Yarmouk Jordan and Kineret (Sea of Galilea)

Meet the team

So far nobody beside me myself only Mr. Bik had the courage to join :(

Unfortunately my childhood friend and partner connection in Rotterdam has recently died (Mr. Bik).

Since th
en I have searched and contacted several peoples and institutes.
But so far I have to admit that those attempts were not efficient.

I have contacted the E.I.P. (European Institute of Peace) and wait for their answers. I selected Europe first because I myself am an European with permanent residence in Israel. Actually I do have no preference about who, what and where as longs as the result be constructive without causing any harm.

Honestly, this is not a project for the faint hearted .
This is a challenging project(s) that will encounter political friends and foo's and there is plenty to be done to bring them together in harmony.

I believe that we best make a balanced peace within ourselves and with our environment for the benefit all involved.
To the best of our abilities!
Shalom :)

Are you interested for more?

Will or can you to help, assist, advise, support, anything?
Do you have a vision for better?
You care about human rights for all starting with basics?
Like: Work, food, water, education, dignity, peace and and prosperity?
Can we help each other?.

May Peace prevail
السلام عليكم
שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

Contact :
Mikael Gosen
Jordan Valley

email: jordan@valley.org.il